Cincinnati and Blue Ash, Ohio

Tiny problems in teeth attract more than their fair-share of attention. The eye often finds small flaws in a front tooth; the small differences in tooth size among adjacent teeth; the additional-pointy canine. In the event that you often get watching these distracting features in your smile, help can be obtained, having a minimally invasive, relatively inexpensive procedure referred to as tooth contouring or tooth reshaping. It’s important to understand what tooth shaping is and how it’s performed to decide if this technique is appropriate for you personally.

Tooth shaping involves removing a small amount of tooth enamel with a drill to give a tooth a more attractive form and allow it to fit inside your mouth better. The tooth is then polished to give it a smooth finish. The process is used most commonly on the upper front teeth which are your most visible teeth.

The first step in the procedure is always to examine your teeth and work out how the reshaping will achieve your goal of enhancing your smile or correcting a bite problem if one is present. Often a reshaping of the main surfaces is required to protect you from gum disease. If so, x-rays might be required to separate and protect the delicate inner tissue. However, most often tooth shaping only involves removing a little of enamel. Enamel doesn’t include any nerves because it is not living.

Aesthetic problems that might be corrected with tooth contouring include minor overlaps, irregular tooth length, tiny chips, and tooth edges that are too flattened or sharp. It could also be properly used to correct small bite problems from teeth pressing unevenly during contact. Your teeth should not be reformed if any bite differences would result from it. One of many other highly-effective cosmetic dental procedures will be recommended to do so. Tooth shaping may also be used to give teeth a far more feminine or masculine form. Only rounding or squaring the ends would make this happen. Reshaping one tooth usually takes less than 30 minutes. The sensitivity should last a maximum of a day or two.