I Need To Find Teeth That Stay In!

Cincinnati and Blue Ash, Oh

Are your dentures loose fitting and always falling out? If so, you do not have to settle for these results. With advancement in dentistry, we now offer a procedure called the All On Four that can be completed in just one day! This procedure is specifically designed for patients in need of replacing all their teeth. All On Four is a procedure that provides you with comfortable, aesthetically appealing results that you can be proud of wearing.

Previously, patients who needed to replace all their teeth had limited options. One option was to wear a full set of dentures, which are typically loose fitting and uncomfortable. Most patients who wear dentures lose their chewing capabilities and are never quite satisfied with the results of their new replacement teeth. Another option was for full mouth implants, which can be a costly procedure when replacing nearly every single tooth in the mouth. Now, with All On Four/Teeth In A Day, patients can have their smile restored with an affordable, comfortable option. Plus, these teeth will stay in your mouth!

The All On Four procedure begins with placing four dental implants in each the lower and upper jawbone. These dental implants serve as anchors for a specially made dental bridge that will affix to the implants. The dental bridge is one solid piece, with the appearance of individual teeth. Once the dental bridge is set permanently in place, it will appear as though the patient has their natural teeth again. Not to mention, the dental bridge will look, feel, and function much like natural teeth. Replacing the missing teeth with the All On Four procedure can also help restore a proper bite, relieving temporomandibular joint disorders and its associated symptoms. Also, the procedure can help restore symmetry to the face. The best part about the All On Four procedure is it eliminates the need for those irritating dentures that never stay in place!

Following your All On Four procedure it is important to maintain good oral hygiene habits to keep the gum tissue under the dental bridge healthy. With good oral hygiene, your dental implants should last a lifetime. Plus, no more embarrassing moments with teeth that will not stay put. Restore your smile today with teeth that will last.

For more information or a consultation regarding the All On Four/Teeth In A Day procedure, contact the dental office of Dr. Stuart Levy. We gladly welcome patients from the Cincinnati and Blue Ash, OH areas. Let us be a part of helping create the smile you have always wanted.