What Are The Effects of Silver Fillings?

Metal fillings are comprised of about 50 percent mercury. We have long since been aware of the health risks associated with eating foods containing mercury, but what about those metal fillings in your mouth? For decades, metal fillings were the go-to solution to repairing cavities in teeth. For more than 30 years, the FDA has declared metal fillings safe, yet … Read More

I Need To Find Teeth That Stay In!

Are your dentures loose fitting and always falling out? If so, you do not have to settle for these results. With advancement in dentistry, we now offer a procedure called the All On Four that can be completed in just one day! This procedure is specifically designed for patients in need of replacing all their teeth. All On Four is … Read More

How To Overcome Fear of The Dentist

Anxiety Free Dental Visits
Blue Ash and Cincinnati, OhioFrom the whirr of the dental tools to the dentist ominously peering over the sterile green mask, weird smells, and unfamiliar atmosphere, there is no wonder patients fear the dentist. In fact, some people allow their fear of the dentist to prevent them from routine dental cleanings and exams. This should not be the case! Your ... Read More

Why Does The Dentist Take My Blood Pressure?

High blood pressure can often present no symptoms and may go undetected until your blood pressure reaches a dangerous level. Most patients do not visit their family doctor regularly. In fact, patients often visit their primary care physician once every few years or only when they are sick. Meaning, many patients could be walking around with high blood pressure that … Read More

Gums And Your Heart

Gum Health and Heart Disease
Do My Gums Affect My Heart?Blue Ash and Cincinnati, OhioWhen it comes to heart disease, most Americans understand that an active lifestyle and healthy diet can reduce one’s risk of developing this disease, but what about your mouth? Have you ever thought that your mouth could be contributing to your risk of heart disease? A recent study by researchers at ... Read More

Am I Too Old For Implants?

How Old Is Too Old To Get Dental Implants?
Blue Ash and Cincinnati, OhioNo, you are not. Dental implants can be effectively fixed in senior patients as well and with equal success rates as in younger patients. If your teeth are damaged or decayed and you would like to have them replaced, you can safely opt for dental implants. It does not matter if you are aged 60, 80 ... Read More

How does Invisalign work to straighten my teeth?

invisalign Clear Braces In Cincinnati and Blue Ash Ohio
Blue Ash and Cincinnati, OhioA common question about Invisalign is how are clear, plastic aligners supposed to straighten my teeth? The simple truth is that aligners can straighten teeth in a similar way as traditional braces. With braces, metal wires pull teeth into alignment, whereas aligners push teeth into place. Our teeth can be moved by physiological forces, whether a ... Read More

What Other Conditions Can a Dentist Spot?

Health Problems Dentists Can Diagnose
What Other Conditions Apart from Teeth Problems Can a Dentist Spot?Blue Ash and Cincinnati, OhioCavities and swollen gums are easy to spot for the dentist but did you know that Dentists could also detect health issues like osteoporosis, acid reflux disease, dementia and even heart disease? How do they do it? The fact is many oral issues are correlated with ... Read More

Invisalign vs. Traditional Braces

Invisalign vs Braces Cincinnati Ohio
Invisalign, Invisible Braces Treatment vs. Traditional BracesBlue Ash and Cincinnati, OhioA common question asked by people awaiting orthodontic treatments, especially for teeth straightening, is "Which is the better option of the two? Invisalign (invisible braces) or the good ol’ traditional braces?" While any good dentist will tell you there’s no one-size-fits-all orthodontic treatment, teeth straightening treatments can be regarded as ... Read More

What are Veneers and How Should You Care for Them?

cincinnati dental veneers
What are Veneers and How Should You Care for Them?Blue Ash and Cincinnati, OhioWhy are Veneers Used in Dentistry? Veneers make teeth look natural and healthy with little or no preparation. Veneers can change the quality of a smile. It can make a chipped tooth appear intact by covering the tooth and making it thicker in the chipped area. Veneers ... Read More