Teeth In a Day / All on 4 Dental Implants

Blue Ash and Cincinnati, Ohio

Putting your best face forward doesn’t have to be a struggle! With Teeth In a Day / All-On-Four Dental Implants, a beautiful smile is within your reach.

Facing missing teeth isn’t easy. In fact, in a world of white, bright smiles, facing the reality of numerous missing teeth can be extremely difficult. It’s a challenge to avoid smiling or stay out of situations where strangers may see your teeth. The idea of a full set of dentures or painful, expensive implants can be hard to swallow especially for young adults. Luckily, there’s a better way.

With Teeth in a Day, the future of dental work is finally here. This revolutionary system allows patients to receive a dental bridge and four dental implants in as little as a single appointment. The process is unique, innovative, and completely unprecedented, creating a simple solution for those in need. This procedure has been a lifesaver for millions of Americans, offering flexibility and comfort to those seeking a more natural smile. Quick, easy, and affordable, Teeth in a Day allows individuals suffering from serious degenerative oral conditions to receive a new and customized set of teeth.

Until the introduction of Teeth in a Day, there was no simple solution for individuals suffering from missing teeth, no matter the cause. Dentures require complete or near complete removal of any remaining teeth, leaving individuals with a full set of false teeth that are neither aesthetically pleasing nor easy to use. Most dentures reduce the ability to chew properly, diminishing capabilities to 10% to 20% of the original function and require extensive care, causing an embarrassing chore for unlucky wearers.

Fixed implants provide a better option, but can be very costly, requiring multiple surgeries and months of healing. In more extreme cases, implants can require sinus and bone grafting, increasing the possibility of complications. For patients who aren’t willing to trade a partial mouth of teeth for full dentures, partial dentures with implants are available. However, this is not a perfect solution either, as chewing function is still reduced, and the cleaning and maintenance process can be extensive.

All of the complications experienced with traditional solutions for missing teeth are gone with Teeth in a Day or All-On-Four Dental Implants. This innovative solution is affordable, provides patients with up to 90% of original chewing function, and can be performed in just one appointment. Fitted perfectly to your mouth and inserted within minutes, Teeth in a Day is truly the solution you’ve been seeking.

All on 4 Dental Implants Blue Ash Ohio

Like many other industries, computer techniques have led to amazing advances in dentistry. These new advances have allowed for great strides in alleviating the hardships suffered by adults in need of dental replacements. By combining computer-assisted surgical techniques with CT scans of the inside of the mouth and the assistance of Nobel Biocare’s CAD/CAM surgical procedure, doctors can design and mold bridges in advance for simple implantation, rather than with a physical mold. This unique approach eliminates the need for painful surgery, bone grafting, sinus grafting, and lengthy healing times, leaving in its wake a simple, easy procedure that creates the appearance of realistic teeth in one visit.

Treatments for missing teeth have long been ineffective, invasive, painful, and extremely expensive, barring patients from a normal life with a normal smile. Dr. Stuart Levy is highly qualified in performing this exceptional procedure, gifting his patients with a bright, white smile that can boost confidence and self-image.

Today's the last day you need to live with an embarrassing smile!

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